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24 hour A love for keys and locks is natural to find at an expert who is as dedicated to their work as they are dedicated to you as the customer.

If you are searching for someone to help you with the duplication of your keys, why not come to a provider who holds tradition with value and who at the same time makes use of the modern equipment and technologies out there today.

Our business in Ealing always gives the attention customers need. Whether it’s a broken key that needs replacing, or simply just needing another spare key, we can help. Key cutting is done to perfection, by the highly trained staff, using the best materials. So if you are after keys which will work first time, every time, feel free to get in touch at any time. In stock with our prepared team you will find the most common key types, so spares can be cut straight away. This doesn’t mean that if you have a specialised coded key that we cannot help duplicate it for you. Should you have a special security key of some sort, parts can in most cased be ordered in and your new key can be in your hands within a few working days.


Get in touch today with your local security expert today to find out more. Of course if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the knowledgeable and experienced staff here. We also provide a multitude of other, day-to-day services. If you are searching for something special you can always bring your inquiry to your security  specialists today. Prices are as the team, friendly and competitive, so feel free to get in touch now and let us help you with what you need.

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door We at Ealing understand the worry of being broken into, especially if your neighbourhood has had a recent string of break-ins over the past month or two. Consequently, we like to increase your homes security, covering all vulnerable places. This includes windows. Having a secure door lock is a good thing. However, it is also important to secure your windows. We can change all of the locks on your windows for a more secure version to give you peace at mind. No matter how many windows you have, we can change any amount of locks.
securityIn today’s world it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that a good security situation is kept at home.

This is something that Locksmith Ealing is highly aware and understanding of. If you are struggling to find what is suitable to you, here you can always find an expert to speak to for advice.

Having instated better security situations for homes and businesses alike is what the team here has a long history of.

Finding suitable and custom solutions to each scenario we are faced with is something which we have learned how to do in both flexible and affordable ways.

Call today with your questions. With our advisers, you can always expect the highest standard of service, and being in time with the industry market is something that you can count on us to be. Of course that is also inclusive of keeping up to date with news on current threat as well. Making sure that our customers are protected against current means of burglary and theft is done with pleasure. Our team cares for you and your security, both in the physical sense and in the financial sense.

How can I improve my home security?

Finding what you need is easy. Just get a security inspection booked in with a highly trained surveyor who treats each home as their own. Our experts are trained to identify potentially vulnerable areas – they are trusted professionals.  Being a local company means not just that we provide cheapest services of any locksmiths in Ealing but also that we are friendly. We provide security tips to our customers all the time. We improve your daily routine by helping you find awareness to your habits from a security point of view. Feel free to get in touch! You can count on your flexible locksmith to know what is best for your home.

Get a dog

At our firm, we are here to help improve your homes security to its full potential, so today we would like to bring you another great way of doing so. We would like to recommend getting a dog! Dogs have a great sense of hearing which is almost 4 times higher than a regular human. Dogs act as both a visual deterrent and a hearing deterrent. Ideas as simple as this could scare away any potential intruder as well as keeping your home safe and protected. A dog will both protect you when you’re at home and whilst you’re away. So have trust in your local provider and listen to our advice, a dog is one of the many ways we recommend to keep your home protected.

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Trusted. Local. Exceptional Service. We work here around the clock bringing you a high quality locksmith service. With trained operators working on the phones night and day we will always be there for you when you need us. Just call us for an instant over-the-phone quote and we will get to your house within 30 minutes of being called out! You will not be disappointed with our service.

For enquiries, quotes and locksmith jobs call us any time of day! Our trained operators at Ealing work 24/7 and will always take your call! Ultimately, we can deal with any type of job, large or small, residential or commercial. Our 24 hour emergency lockout service can help you when you need it most. Just give us a ring and we can get you sorted!


Here at Ealing, we have years of experience working in our field. And, with thousands of pleased customers under our belt, we would be proud to bring you our services. We are able to deal with a large amount of jobs including cars, lockouts from houses, safe lockouts, lock fittings/replacements, shop shutters, letterboxes and more!

Worried about the security of your home or business? Call us today and we can give you ideas on how to increase the security in your home or business! We can even install CCTV and Motion sensor equipment (usually for large businesses). We stock higher security level of locks also. We tailor our approach to each customer. We make the right decisions at every turn, and all our work is given a 1 year guarantee,!

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