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Security is Key

Here we are very insistent on keeping your home safe and secure, with a range of high security locks to fit your needs. Our Locksmith Ealing locksmiths can work with all manner of interior or exterior security, including garages, letterboxes, sheds, shop shutters and more.

door3We can also install digi-pad locks and other keyless locks, magnetic locks and upvc anti-snap locks/mechanisms. We can also fix and install new window locks if yours is broken. We are always happy to help.

A home-owners worst fear is being broken into. We can’t highlight the importance of security enough. We can fit new Anti-snap Euro Cylinder Locks, whilst the door may seem secure, especially with the multi-point locking mechanism, however if your simple euro lock snaps it leaves the mechanism useless, which is why its important to get high security locks fitted especially if you’ve been broken into before.

Your security is our main concern, so no matter the issue you may have we can help! We have trained team members who work around the clock to bring you a high quality service! Our trained operatives work around the clock to help people in their time of need.

Emergency security situations

locksmith If you home has been the victim of a break-in, we can get our efficient team to your home within the hour to change the locks on your home and give you alternative locks which are more high security, we keep our vans fully stocked with the highest quality locks and high security locks such as banhams, ingersoll and anti-snap euro locks (for uPVC doors), our operators can help discuss any lock situation that you may have, so call us today and we can discuss lock types that will suit your needs. It is important that if your home has been broken into to change all locks that have been compromised.

So call our team today on 0203 538 4282!

Should I have a burglar alarm installed?

When the discussion about alarms and security systems for your home creep into conversation. Do you question their effectiveness? Are they as great protectors of your home as claimed on the packaging? The trained security engineers here are here to let you know. They do. Of course the alarm that you pick for your home or work environment will affect the security it provides.

But if you are currently without one. There are only good reasons to look further into the question of having one installed. A relatively small investment gives you the strong deterring power of the visible alarm panel on your home. Something burglars instinctively stay clear of.

A burglar alarm is a well worth security investmentGranted, when you hear the bells of an alarm these days, there may not be much of a reaction. The bells can be ineffectual. But this is not true for good neighbourhoods where communication occurs and people look out for each other.

Other than that. There are a hundred different varieties of affordable alarm systems. Which you can have installed with little effort. That will provide you with great capabilities of remote access and remote monitoring of your home.

Holiday Security

This is especially important for the times you plan away. Empty homes are at much higher risk for intrusion. Although a home alarm system will not remove the risk completely. The chance of your holiday being ruined by arriving home to a ravished house is greatly reduced. Here are some tips on how to protect a house whilst on holiday.

The benefits of a home alarm system are endless and affordable. If you are still in doubt to whether you need one. Give some thought to how much time and effort you’ve put into your home. Isn’t it worth that little extra to make sure? Get in touch with our professional installers at any time for help, advice and installation work. At your convenience.

Affordable security specialists for all your properties

specialist at your service at any timeIt’s important that you know that you are safe whilst at home and at work, in feeling safe where you are present at all times will not only help keep you focused, but it will help you relax and make sure that you are not wasting any energy in worries over your security situation. It’s natural for one to be frightened of loss today as the world is becoming itself as a colder and harder place which each passing day.

This is why your security specialists stress the point of keeping a good home security setup. By doing this you might be able to restore some calm and keep a good equilibrium of rest, work and play. If your mind is constantly occupied with worries about security and worries about losses which haven’t yet occur, but could if you are not careful, then it’s time for you to get in touch with your  service team now. With helpful conversations filled with security guidance and assistance in building your own ideal security solution, you will no doubt feel well taken care of with this dedicated team.

From key to lock, from lock to security system, to alarms, monitoring, reporting and much more, get in touch with your cheap and friendly service team now have your security brought up to date by a team of experienced experts, in a timely and efficient fashion. There is nothing to help a night good rest like feeling comfortable and safe. Call now to find out more about what you can do to improve on your home security situation now.

Security for everyone with your service team

security as a matter for anyoneBeing highly aware and conscious of the security needs of the average home today, the team here can assist you with bringing the standards up for you.

It can be difficult to get started with installing security at home, especially since we tend to forget about our own security in the busy lives we lead. This is something that your team understands well, and it’s also the reason to why we are so keen on providing you with the best and the latest at great affordable prices, and at times which suit you. The dedicated team here spares no energy expense in providing you with the best possible service attainable in the area, and regardless of what your needs are you can call at any time.

Should you be currently searching for a better and more secure situation for yourself, your family and your business, don’t bottle your worries and concerns up.

Instead get in touch with a trusted member of our team who can help you find what you need at the right price today.

Keyless Locks

The team here are always interested in the different products on the market, and today we would like to bring you a little comparison we found online between two security locks. Keyless locks are an important innovation in home security and something we are fully equipped to install.

We find this information valuable and interesting and hope you will too.

If there are any questions, or if you have feedback, suggestions or comments, please feel free to get in touch at any time. The team here is always waiting for your call.


Home security improvements with our team

home and business security adviceTo find a better security situation for yourself at home is something that the team here sees as a journey. If you are one to embark on this journey for the first time, then we highly recommend that you get in touch with us to find the guidance you need to take you to the other side in a good way. Low cost, high security and great service is what this always working  service team wants to bring you, and we do that by offering our advice and service to those in need of it.

Speak with any of our previous customers to find the good and warm hearted recommendations we come with. And call now to find the services and products you need to make your home a safer and more secure place. The service team are always happy to help with what they can and one way which we engage deeply with our customers is to ensure that they have the information they need, so that they can make the decision based on their own minds and their own preferences. We simply operate as a guide and service to help you get your security dream instated.

Everything from lock upgrades to connected home security systems are available here, and with many years in the industry we have gathered the knowledge needed to advise you in the best possible ways. Your service team knows that there are many new technologies out there, and we investigate them all so that we can bring you the right suggestions for your needs. So call now to find out more, and as a last reminder, we are open 24 hour a day to ensure that you have help should you ever get stuck in an emergency lockout situation.

Hedge trimming, a home security tip from your  team

avoid obscuring plants and keep a clear viewThe garden is a feature of a property which is in the busy lives of today at times forgotten about when thinking about home security. Which for the team here prompts us to remind you to get the trimmer out of storage and get it done before the warm and pleasant garden work weather has left us for the year.

Your  service team have of course seen some horror examples, from a security point of view in our history of assisting people with their security situation. Where hidden pathways have looked almost as if contrived to assist a burglary.

Of course we are not saying that this is you, however, a friendly reminder to ensure that you keep clear view in your garden is something the happy team here sees valid. By keeping your hedges low, and bushes trimmed and your outdoor lights reaching the darkest crevices of your garden you will create a much less desirable target for a thief who wishes to remain hidden in the dark whist performing his devious task.

If you would like assistance with your home or business security situation from a trained and caring service team feel the freedom to call us at any time, we are open 24 hours a day and we are always happy to take your enquiry or book you in for the work you need at a fair and competitive rate.

How to improve home security

home security cctv One of the most salient factors of home security, following closely second only to the physical protection that a secure situation comes with, is the mental ease which many report after having had a system of security installed at their home or workplace.

Your team knows just what a relief it can be for many who struggle with sleep due to the lack of security they are feeling. With a good security system installed, you will be able to sleep better at night, having removed heavy weights of worry that perhaps you were not even aware being there until you had dealt with them.

The expert team here, have had much feedback from customers who came back to us expressing how having a new security system installed at home changed their life, removed elements of stress and provided them with the peace of mind they needed to get back into their own gear of optimal running.

So perhaps you are one of the many who are unaware of your own worry, why not make sure that you are not, by getting in touch with the caring service team here. We can help you find what suits you, what suits your house and what suits your preferences as well as your budget. Get in touch at any time to book in for security surveys, security installations or if you are just after making use of our excellent day to day key cutting and lock repairs and replacement services.

Door servicing and security checks

all door locks serviced Call today to get in touch with a team of trained experts on all things locks. Our team members hold an interest in locks and their mechanics so that you don’t have to. In a quick and seamless way you can book in for a lock check any hour of the day which suits you, it doesn’t matter if you are an early riser or someone who returns late evening from a long day at work. Your service team are always happy to work around your schedule and area always reasonable in organising for work which you would like to have done.

A door lock check is quick, and although depending on how many doors your home holds, can usually be done within an hour, inclusive of lock changes or installations on doors which may require it. With you as the customer in mind, lock checks from us are kept affordable, and by the end of the day your home will be in a safer and more secure state.

Services include assistance with indoor locks as well as conservatory doors, meaning that you can have it all checked in one efficient go. Getting in touch with someone who loves locks and security, so that you don’t have to is a definite when dialling the number for this fantastic  team.

All other questions and inquiries are also welcome, call for quotes, specific repairs, replacements and security advice at any time.

Security shutters for your shop with a expert

security shuttersHere you will find a dedicated team of experts on all matters security, and one of the things which we work hard to keep up to date with is small business security. We have the greatest sympathy and understanding for the security needs of small businesses, and are always happy to be able to support them in the best way we can.

One of the many services you can find with this up to date service team is the installation of shutters and security gates or bars for your business. With a range of different solutions suiting to the different needs of independent shops, offices and small businesses we can help you find the one which fits your business as a hand fits a glove.

Call to speak to the experienced service experts today, we are always happy to speak to you on points of your security concern, and work together with you to find the best security means possible for the budget you have in mind.

Of course the hard working service team understands the need to provide cost efficient security, and work tirelessly to be able to bring you what works best. Great quality and competitive prices on high security solutions which will keep your business as safe and secure as can be is our speciality. A local and low-priced provider. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with your caring service team today.

Your team helping you store your valuables securely at work and at home

helping you keep your belongings secureIf there is one thing which comes to the mind of this apt team when asked to think about common security pitfalls which we have met with in our time. The thing which for us is the most striking as missing is the facility for secure storage. This is not just something that your have met with in business situations, but also at home.

There are plenty of good reasons to ensure that you have a good place for the safe keeping of your most valuable items and paperwork. If this is the first thing you encounter thoughts about secure storage at home or at work, why not get in touch with the expert team here. We can give you many recommendations as to how to keep your home protected. For example, we can show you how to keep you home secure over the holidays.

Your locker and safe specialists are always ready and waiting for your call, and we can help you find the ideal situation for your own situation, be it at home or at the office.

Our lines are always open, and you are free to call at any time. And on top of that, you can always rely on that your service team will always meet you in the friendlies and most helpful fashion.

On top of that you will always be able to rest assured that you have a great price on any product and services of your choice, with loyalty to you as the customer as well as a passion for security this team always keep up to date with what is current within the industry.

Any and all door locks with your expert

any and all types of locks serviced The first thing which springs to mind for many when given the task to think about their own security situation is their door security, and with good reason.

This is the main entry points used, and if the security for your door is left lacking you are most likely also left with a higher risk of falling victim for burglary and thievery Both indoor and outdoor security and checks for your locks is available here with a trained team. One who cares greatly for you locks and for your situation.

Ensuring that you have the right type of door security at home or at work with a service expert is something quick and easy to do, and if you call now you will be able to find out details on how to go about this.

There are no good reasons to leave yourself open and vulnerable to attack. Especially,when there is quick, professional and experienced services just around the corner. And with a local and caring service team, you call also rest assured that you will have a great quote. Competitiveness when it comes to prices is also something that this team holds great understanding of. What good is a security solution if it leads to financial stress and worry rather than relaxation and a feeling of safety?

The team here always work with you, listens to you, and works out the best security plan for you together with you. So call today with your questions, and find out how you can upgrade your door security at home and at work, inside and outdoors.