Locksmiths of Ealing


What we Offer

One of our most common requests is letting customers in to their house where they have forgotten or lost their keys which is why emergency Locksmiths Ealing are called out.

We have a range of services, including:

  • Lock Installments
  • Lock Replacements
  • Lock Removals
  • Safes
  • Lockouts

We Deal With a variety of locks including:

  • Mortice Locks
  • Euro Cylinders
  • Ingersoll Locks (very high security)
  • Banham Locks (very high security)
  • Yale Locks
  • Union locks
Locksmiths Ealing can also provide upvc mechanism repairs and replacements, window locks, and lock installments  to window security bars.

Mortice Lock:

A mortice is one of our simple, yet secure locks. The Mortice acts as a deadlock which makes it harder to pick open and makes your door more secure. The good thing about a mortice lock is that it doesnt automatically lock behind you, which makes it the ideal lock for an interior door. It will also work well to help secure exterior doors too.

We can also install with the mortice, a thumb turn with the mortice. This allows one side of the door to be locked without the need for a lock on the inside of the door (outside will require key) which is ideal for fire safety in houses because it allows you to get out of a locked room fast.

Top service and product quality from a perfectionist locksmith Ealing team

a locksmith ealing team caring for your individual security solutionKeeping standards at the top of the range is something that the team here does automatically though always being on the lookout for the best of what is out there.

Finding useful, cost efficient and great solutions for your home security situation is something that this industriously interested team have been doing for a long time. And if you speak with any previous one of our customers you will also soon find that we come with a great reputation.

Caring for our customers, always providing the best products and services, as well as keeping it close to the ground is what will guarantee you the best and most applicable solution for your situation. What we mean when we say close to the ground, is applicable, understandable and effective solutions.

It doesn’t matter for this locksmith Ealing service team if it is with regards to repair work, installation work, renewal or just advice which is required, you as the customer will always have our best knowledge and efforts for you. So call no if there is any service that you are after, chances are that you will be able to find it here from this wonderful team of caring locksmith Ealing professionals.

Intelligent solutions, attention to detail, and of course always being quick and tidy, are just to mention a few of the wonderful aspects of choosing this locksmith Ealing service team for all your needs.

There is even the 24 hour emergency lockout line ready and waiting should you land in a sticky situation which requires the help of an experienced individual as fast as possible. With your locksmith Ealing service team you cannot go wrong, why not try it out yourself, feel free to call no or at your next closest convenience.

Your locksmith Ealing high security lock expert

Your locksmith ealing team with locks to keep you safeThe team here are trained to deal with all types of locks and situations, and if you are currently having lock issues, why not speak to an expert on your issue? You can call the team at any time, and we are always happy to hear from you, especially if we can be of assistance to your security.

We are passionate about locks and security, and always hope that we can apply our skills to help you improve on your security, both from the perspective of having the right kind of gear installed, but also from the viewpoint of being more security aware and up to date with how you can best keep a good security routine.

Your locksmith Ealing team knows that there are many locks on doors in the UK which the team here place in the box of too low standards. The means of which burglars and other perpetrators today make their way into the homes and business buildings of others are more advanced, meaning that you, as a home owner or a business person need to keep on the ball and have the right protection installed. Your locksmith Ealing team always recommend the highest most applicable security for your locks, and available amongst our installation services are Ingersoll and Banham locks, some of the most secure locks out on the market today. These not only provide a high level of resistance against physical attack but are also known to many burglars for their calibre and are often avoided, giving these locks deterring effect as well.

So your door will not only be more secure, but it will also lessen the risk of your home being picked as a target in the first place. Get in touch with your locksmith Ealing specialist today to find out more.

Yale Lock:

A Yale is one of the most common locks used in the UK. This type of lock automatically enables a latch when you close the door, which means you need a key to get back into the door. This is most commonly used on an exterior front door, however it can be installed on an interior door if you wanted more privacy in places like a house share accommodation, just remember to bring your keys when you leave the room!